While walking to school you come across a puddle totally covering the footpath. How would you get across?

While playing at a park in the middle of nowhere, one of your friends hurts his leg and can’t walk. What do you do?

One morning you wake up and there is no water coming out of the taps. What do you do?

You wake up one morning and your house has vanished. What do you do?

You’re half-way through an art project at home and run out of the paint you need to complete it. What do you do?


Hello Cafe

Hello Café aims to support young girls to open their minds, create opportunities, and gain confidence to help those around them.

We believe that the solution to any problem lies within an idea. We want to ignite a conversation where the potential of young girls is realised; solving problems, contributing to their communities and finding inspiration for our future.

Hello Café has created a series of problem-solving workshops for 10-13 year old girls. If making new friends, sharing interesting ideas, and hanging out in inspiring environments sounds like fun, pull up a chair, grab a drink and join in our conversation.

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We’ve searched the length of the country to find inspiring female role models that want to share their awesome experiences.

Each workshop is led by ambassadors who will make sure that every girl gets the most out of her time at Hello Café.

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Join in the conversation at our Hello Café workshops.

Each workshop focuses on an issue from around the world that needs an innovative and simple solution. We will cover things that affect local and global communities, from recycling plastics and building relief shelters through to clean water access and designing a loo.

We'll be launching the workshops across NZ in 2017. Check out our Facebook page @hellocafenz for future Hello Cafes!

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Design for a better world

Design for a better world

Everyone should have access to clean water, food and education. These are basic human rights. Sadly a big percentage of people go without these basic needs. What can you do to help improve the lives of others?